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New Chevrolet Corvette Stingray owners are being treated to a special driving experience through the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. The program last two days and costs $1,000 to $1,500 less than the standard rate for anyone who owns a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The program was created and is still currently managed by Ron Fellow, a legendary Corvette racer. The program is taught at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club in Pahrump, Nevada. Curriculum for the program has been designed to address the abilities of drivers at varying skill levels. Order your Corvette Stingray at Chevy Indiana. “We designed the Corvette Stingray to make its owners better drivers through technologies such as the Driver Mode Selector, Active Rev Match, electronic limited-slip differential and more,” said Tim Mahoney, chief marketing officer for global Chevrolet. “Through the Ron Fellows Performance

Driving School, they’ll learn to make the most of its technologies and delve deeper into the Corvette’s capabilities, resulting in a more exciting and fulfilling driving experience.” Buy your next vehicle at your Ct Chevy Dealers. Stingray Corvette owners can receive the price discount, if they redeem it within one year of purchasing their new vehicle. The car had to have been purchased in a retail transaction, and the person signing up for the program has to be the car’s original owner. The discount also only applies to one person per registered vehicle. Anyone who does attend the program will have to cover their own travel and accommodations expenses. Attendees to the program don’t have to take along their Chevrolet Corvette Stingray since the school has its own fleet it uses for all instruction. “We are proud to be the official high-performance driving school for Chevrolet and the Corvette Stingray,” said Fellows.

“Our goal is to ensure every driver leaves with enhanced driving skills, more confidence on the street and track and, most of all, a deeper understanding of his or her Corvette’s capabilities and how to safely enjoy the car to the fullest.” Everyone who participates in the program will spend an extensive amount of time behind the wheel of a Stingray. The track at Spring Mountain measures 2.2 miles and is challenging for drivers who are novices or even extremely advanced. “It’s more than simply going fast and learning when to turn and apply the throttle,” said Fellows. “Mind speed and decision-making are key elements in the high-performance world, and our car control exercises and on-track training will help drivers improve their ability to process information quickly and accurately, resulting in a better coordination of eyes, hands and feet to improve their driving skill.