How Does A Car Battery Work ?

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Get To Know About Your Car Battery

A car battery is nothing but a rechargeable battery which is used for supplying electric current to the car or other motor vehicles. The primary purpose of car batteries in automobiles is to offer the required feed to the starter, which helps to start the engine. It is mainly used to provide maximum current for a short period. Earlier cars did not make use of batteries for their running. Car batteries came into use with the use of electric starters in automobiles. There are certain myths and misconception among people on the use of a car battery. The Exide car battery dealers offer some of the interesting facts about car batteries. Here you would also understand the basic operation and working of a car battery.

Things To Know About Car Batteries

A clear understanding of the car batteries would help when you deal with car batteries.
Car batteries are used as energy storage devices which stores energy in the form of chemicals. The most common type of battery is the lead-acid battery, which consists of alternating lead plates and lead oxide, which acts as the anode and cathode. These elements are immersed in the sulfuric acid solution, which is the electrolyte. Generally, six cells constitute a car battery, and each cell holds about 2.1V. There are several recent models and types of car batteries available in the market for use with hybrid and electric vehicles. Check Out some more insights about car batteries.

Image That Shows A Car Mechanic Replaces the Battery.Working Of Car Batteries: The lead-acid chemical reaction helps in the working of most of the car batteries. This type of batteries offers energy for shorter bursts. This can provide power to lights, engine, and accessories. Lead-acid batteries fall into the SLI category, which takes care of starting, lighting, and ignition. The basic principle behind the working of the car batteries is the conversion of the stored chemical energy in the battery into electrical energy. The chemical reactions in the battery results in the decomposition of positive and negative charged ions.

Car Battery Maintenance: It is essential to take proper care of your car battery so that you can increase its lifetime and performance. Heat is a major factor that affects car battery performance. Heating of the battery results in corrosion and evaporates the electrolyte. Excessive vibration can ruin the life of your battery. This also loosens the internal connections. Discharging can be a significant threat to your lead acid battery. Discharge and recharge cycles can affect your battery. Avoid the use of electronics in your car.

Make sure that you switch off the headlights and interior lights when you’re done with driving. Car batteries would last for nearly four to seven years, and it depends on the weather, use, and maintenance. You can notice various warning signs on your car that your car battery is failing. You must test your car battery regularly.

Interesting Facts About Car Batteries

The following are some of the interesting facts about car batteries that you probably not aware of.

  • Automotive Battery delivery and installation serviceA dead battery is not the only reason for problems in starting your car. Various other components can cause starting trouble for your car.
  • You must deal with the dead battery and jump-starting is the right process that helps to recharge the dead battery.
  • Johnson Controls process nearly 8000 batteries every hour.
  • The materials used in your car batteries can be recycled easily.
  • Car batteries are the most recycled consumer product in the world.
  • Battery discharge occurs naturally.
  • Always hire a professional when fitting a new car battery to your vehicle.
  • A weak battery can affect the other parts of your vehicle like a starter and charging system.
  • Incorrectly fitted batteries can result in severe damage.
  • Weak or faulty batteries would reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle
  • You have to choose the right size of battery for your car.

The above offers a clear insight into car batteries and some of its interesting facts. The above information would help to deal with your car batteries and maintain it effectively.