Caring For Your Car With Effective Car Care Products

Automotive detailing: Adding more value to your vehicle

Is there anyone who doesn’t love their car? A car is a hefty investment. But for many owners, it is an object of pride, a revered status symbol and a prized possession. Car care is an essential element- in fact, a mandatory element-that helps in maintaining the vehicle and making it look worthy of the investment.

What we call car care is known to experts as “automotive detailing”. Automotive detailing is much more than just a mere car wash. It is a job handled by professionals who subject your car to methodical processes such as:

  • Rim treatment
  • Lime removal.
  • Leather conditioning.
  • Carpet shampooing.
  • Waxing.
  • Wet sanding.
  • Application of protectants.

Car detailing retains and restores the interior and exterior beauty of a car, especially if it is one that is always on the road and exposed to the cruelties of weather. There are so many elements that can tarnish the look of a car- rust, bird droppings, dust, debris, slush and whatnot.

Car detailing is for owners who want to pamper their vehicle with the best care that will extend its lifespan and functionality. Detailing will also increase the resale value of your car if you are planning to sell it and buy a new one.

Car care products and how they are used for car detailing

Car detailing requires products that are highly effective and designed to produce the desired effect on the car. In this post, you will get to know some of the car care products used in all car detailing procedures.

  • Microfibre cloth

Unlike the normal washcloth that you use for your car, a microfibre cloth is far more effective because of its design. Microfibres are tiny fibres that are further slit into finer strands that measure no more than one-hundreth of a human hair. The size, the nylon core and the wedge-shape contribute to the effectiveness of the microfibre. The fibres are woven into a cloth using a unique method. Each piece of cloth is a powerful cleaning tool that picks up dirt, traps it and leaves the surface squeaky clean.

The nylon core plays an important role in absorbing oils off grimy surfaces. You will be amazed to know that a single piece of microfibre cloth can absorb seven times its weight in dirt and other liquids.

  • Car wax

There’s nothing like a car wax to protect your vehicle’s coat from contaminants. A high-solid clear coat of wax acts as a protective shield on your car paint. Car paint is expensive but it is the most exposed part of the car as well. The paint and finish require regular care like washing and waxing. Whether the wax has UV properties or not, a coat of wax can keep your car looking as good as new for quite a long time.

The life expectancy of a coat of wax depends on various factors such as:

  • Condition of the painted surface.
  • Environmental exposure.
  • Condition of the surface before application.
  • Quality of the wax and car wash.
  • Method of application.


  • Polymer sealant

Polymer sealants are far more effective than normal car waxes. An application of polymer sealant can protect the car’s finish for as long as eight months. Whether you prefer wax or sealant, it should be done by a professional who understands the nuances of the process. Waxes and sealants should be given adequate time to dry. The surface of the car needs to be primed up and readied to take up the coating of wax. The process should have a smooth finish that is devoid of swirl marks, uneven coating, scratches and etched areas.

  • Clear coat paint

A clear coat automotive paint is simply a paint without any colour pigments. A clear coat finish is given to all cars before they leave the manufacturing facility. In technical terms, a clear coat finish is also known as a two-stage paint system. A clear coat paint is applied after the car is painted in coloured resin. Giving your car a coat of clear resin once in a while is the best way to maintain it.

The right way to care for your car

Car detailing is a technical process and the products used are constantly upgraded with advanced features to improve the resulting look and finish of the car. Dual action polishers, rotary buffers, and orbital buffers are just some of the other hi-tech gadgets that are used in car detailing.

Small things go a long way when you show personal care for your car. Give your car a roof above its hood when it is not in use. If that is not possible, you can always keep it protected in its customized cover. Never keep your car sitting idle for a long period of time. You will end up with a battery that is completely drained of charge. Clean out the insides of your car after every long journey. Dust it sincerely every day and air out the interior to prevent it from taking on a stale smell.

Car maintenance is not an expense but an investment that is crucial in extending the life of your vehicle.