Automation Technologies in the Automotive Industry

Automation industries are steadily permeating most of the industries in today’s date. It will be no surprise if these industries started looking for prospects of smart manufacturing, precision agriculture or digital medicine. These industries which include the automobiles are also not new to automation technologies like machine learning – ML or Artificial intelligence – AI.

Taking a look at the advancements of the technologies, AI and ML are ruling a greater part of the industry. They have already taken over all the major departments leaving only a few parts of the industry to the humans. They are capable of handling even the most difficult task in a much shorter period of time.

The automation industry has witnessed four automation technologies that have created a wave in the industry. They are,

Machine Vision analysis great automation inspection

The demand for safer and more reliable automobiles has forced the automakers for the adoption of machine inspection. This needy demand led to the adoption of the Machine Vision – MV method.

The first industry that adopted machine vision is known to be the automotive industry. It was adopted for analysis and inspection for the automatic process, inspection, robot guidance, and control. It is also referred to as the computer vision for it is fully packed with technologies, hardware and software products, expertise and integrated systems.

Collaborative Robots are also referred to as Cobots

Cobots are usually confused with human aided robots. Though it is true from one point of view, cobots are the robots that work without any aid or assistance. They are known for the independent operation and pauses its activities when another worker like humans enters its workplace. They are known to aid humans and can handle a huge part of the area while completing multiple functions at one point.

Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous or Driverless cars

Artificial intelligence is taking over the automobile industry by a great storm. It has successfully taken over most of the area, while only a few areas are left for the humans which would very soon be occupied by the AI soon. AI was first seen in the form of internal mappings of the surrounding areas with the aid of sonar, radar or laser. It then slowly processed to other parts of the industry and is also believed to be running high as well.

Cognitive computing in IoT connected cars
CC or Cognitive computing features signal processing and artificial intelligence. They use reasoning, machine learning, processing human language, object and speech, the interaction of human-computing and more. They are much more advanced and will have a higher success rate if successfully replicated and tested.