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Used Car Care

Tips To Look After Your Used Car

A used car unlike a brand new car from the showroom needs a slight bit of extra attention to get it to last for a longer time. After all, it has been on the road earlier and would have gone through its share of wear and tear. Proper care and maintenance ensures the long life of any vehicle, used or new. Taking your vehicle for regular maintenance checkups, using the recommended oils are all part of looking after your beloved car. Here are a few tips from the experts to keep your used car in running condition for many years to come:

Change The Oil Regularly

Purchasing the best oil in the world and keeping it on a shelf doesn’t do your car any wonders. Check and change the oil regularly to ensure that there is proper lubrication in the engine. If you keep ignoring the change oil light that keeps blinking on your dashboard, you will be saying goodbye to your car soon enough.

Change The Coolant

The cooling system of your vehicle also needs regular maintenance to keep it in running condition. It is recommended to change the coolant annually to keep it in good shape. A 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water will help prevent deposits or corrosion from building up inside your car’s cooling system.

Change Transmission Oils

Although this is not required to be frequently done, it still needs to be changed as per the maintenance schedules. Car manufacturers recommend using the right type of gear oil to ensure that it enable s the car work perfectly.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Keeping your vehicle clean is a prerequisite for it to be in perfect running condition. While many people tend to wash the outside of their vehicle thoroughly, they tend to forget about the underside. If you live in the coldest part of the country, hosing off will remove the winter salt and road dirt from the car easily.

Proper Lubrication

A used car is a machine that has many moving parts. These parts need to be well lubricated to be able to move smoothly without an obstruction. As time goes by these parts, go through wear and tear and tend to start performing poorly. You can prolong this for as long as possible by using the proper amount of grease as per the recommendation of car manufacturers.

Wax Your Car

The paint on your car can be protected further by applying a good quality of wax every six months. Your car will soon be gleaming under your care and protection.

Protect The Car Interiors

The car interiors can be protected from extreme weather conditions by using window deflector screens or even getting a UV protectant sheet applied. This helps avoid the vinyl and plastic parts of the car from drying out due to the heat.

Replace Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid has the property of attracting moisture, causing the components to start corroding and ultimately fail. This is why it is critical to replace the brake fluid at least once a year.