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Terms Of Use

Nw-cars.com is an interactive platform to convey beneficial information about used cars. Here are a set of instructions for the website users so that we can work together to meet the purpose of the website. Please adhere to the following terms of use while posting comments on this website.

  • Post comments only if they are related to the subjects discussed.
  • Respect others and their opinions and ideas
  • Insults and personal attacks are not encouraged- Racial insults are strictly prohibited, and those who do the same would have to face legal consequences
  • Do not use offensive language or pictures in your messages
  • Vulgarity (in text, pictures, or video) would not be accepted at any cost
  • Comments with commercial or illegal content and spam messages would be rejected without notice
  • The blogs are administered, and the administrators have the complete right to delete any inappropriate comment
  • Personal attacks can be brought to the notice of admins so that proper action would be taken
  • Kindly do not use the comment section as a chat platform. Healthy discussions related to the topic are welcome. Anything else other than that related to the topics is not encouraged.
  • Do not use the website as a medium to collect others’ personal information or to publicize your personal information.